SKOOLping® is bringing modern technology to the finger tips of education providers. To communicate with their community, in a continuous and beautiful app.

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It's offical, we're turning green!
With funding cuts across-the-board with education, we turning completly digital to save money, and time...


Autumn Newsletter
Our school summer term has come to a close and we can say it’s been great.


Congratulation to our high jump team and the sports day achievements today.

Pickup Notify - Reporting - Local Warnings


SKOOLping’s roots have a background in education, meaning we truly understand the need for organisations to safeguard children. SKOOLping is connecting and is the answer to those growing needs.

Circulating Sickness - Reporting


When students within the same proximity as a parent's child comes down with a cold or sickness bug, parents like to be updated so they can be prepared. SKOOLping are enabling this and more.

Ask Questions - Find Answers


When it comes to parents and students asking questions, the simplest things can be the most beneficial and rewarding. Predict questions with appropriate answers within SKOOLping.

Blog - Facebook - Twitter


SKOOLping has helped funnel all news and social channels into one feed, meaning it’s quicke, easier to follow and understand for everyone.

Alerts - Updates - Messages

Push Notifications

Parent and students occasionally need a gentle reminder of an event or recent news, such as Mufti Day. With infinite push notifications to your audience, SKOOLping can do just that.

Events - Term Dates - Parents Evening


Checking online for events is a task. SKOOLping has made it easy for parents and students to add an organisations event into their devices default calendar. This means familiar functionality and alerts.

Forms - Maps - Absences - Call Button


Everyone needs to talk to each other once in a while. Whether it’s congratulating teachers or reaching the IT department, SKOOLping mades this effortless for parents and students to even just say hello.

Newsletters - Policies - Homework


Keeping parents and students up-to-date with new documents and policies is now automated. SKOOLping let’s them know within minutes of a published update.

Photos - Videos - Music


Sharing photos and videos have become a nice gesture. SKOOLping can trawl your social feeds and create galleries with already shared content.

SKOOLping is certainly not here to burst your bubble
We are here because we want to blow them with you

Connected - Listen - Collaborate

User Orientated

SKOOLping’s is continuing to grow and develop with an open mind and listening ears. Our communitiy is what makes us, fact, and that’s why we have built and based our business model around the ones we really care about - you. We want you to share your thinking with so we can turn these ideas into something real - SKOOLping is working for you.

Direct Support - Quick Resolution - Multiple School

Support Channels

SKOOLping is passionate about connecting directly with our community, even when it comes to fixing those bugs or answering any questions. We provide support through muliple easily to reach channels, like Twitter, Facebook, email and also from right within the SKOOLping app.

SmartPhones - SmartWatches - Future Devices

Moving Forward with Technology

Technology moves fast and it’s now even easier for organisations to be left behind with fading tech. But with SKOOLping, we’ve erned a 1st class ticket to keep up-to-date with todays technology, and we want to take you with us. We will take your hand, leading you with every step of the way.