Frequently Asked Questions

During the sharing and building of our exciting new application for education, we've been asked a number of common questions. Below you'll find answers to these questions.

If you have any questions that we've missed out, please contact us and we'll answer these question for you.

What is SKOOLping?

Our mission is to bring modern technology and design directly to education providers, enabling full communication with their community, seamlessly. With a background in education, we’ve seen first hand how education providers are sometimes left behind with usable technology and design.

SKOOLping is a game changer, bringing a true beautifully designed and reliable service directly to education providers, of all sizes and types. We will be releasing regular updates to ensure SKOOLping is in complete tandem with todays technologies, all useable and management through a truly easy to use User Interface (UI).

This is a really exciting for education providers.

Is SKOOLping app and service free?

Yes, the SKOOLping mobile app is completely free for the community to download and use.

SKOOLping will require a subscription by education providers to enable the services for their community. This will be a month-by-month subscription, with no contract meaning you can cancel at any time.

Subscription costs will be available soon.

What devices will the SKOOLping app work on?

The SKOOLping app will work on Apple and Android devices. Your community will be able to download the free app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

There will also be support for Windows Phone devices in the near future.

Will SKOOLping be available in all countries?

During the beta phase, SKOOLping services will only be available for education providers within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

After the beta phase, we will make availability to every country through app stores. This will also eventually include support for multiple speaking languages.

How will providers manage SKOOLping?

When a SKOOLping subscriptions is in place, the education provider will have complete and secure access to a the SKOOLping Management Console.

The console will be accessible through a standard internet browser on computers or mobile devices. Within the console, providers will be able to manage the complete functionality of the features.

What features will SKOOLping have?

A brief listing of the SKOOLping features are listed within the homepage.

We also have a couple of top secret features tucked up our sleeve, that we don’t want to reveal just yet - exciting!

Can SKOOLping be used with multiple providers?

Yes, the SKOOLping app will be able to accept multiple education providers.

This means that if a member of a education providers community is part of another providers community, whom both use SKOOLping, the app will easily and seamlessly be able to receive all communications from all providers.